Quality PC-audio compornents

Designed by Japanese skilled engineer/audiophile

Who we are?

SOUNDFORT is a brand-new PC Audio manufacturer in Japan, launched by Mr. Katayama, who has been a big fan of audio since he was junior high school student, and had been working as a head of electronics company's design/manufacturing division for more than 30years.

His intention is to purely serve audio fans who really love audio and music.

You can feel his "honesty" to customers, products, and sound itself once you experience products.

"Honesty" is our value, not stylish, not eye-catching, not nice-looking.

Chief engineer "Noriyuki KATAYAMA"

Mr. Katayama had been working at R&D/Manufacturing division of one of the bigget Japanese electronics OEM/Distributor as a head for 30years.

In 2008, he left the comapny and decided to pursure his dream to make audio products which he himself can be fully satisfied with. The dream, he had when he was junior high school student, has come true.

Now he is based in Kanagawa(Japan) and Shenzhen(China) to design, develop, manufacture and control product quality.

Origin of "Soundfort"

The "Soundfort" means "Sound + Comfort".

We deliver comfortable sounds. We aim to create comfortable sound-sphere by our products.